Thursday, October 28, 2004


Welcome back to the Apprentice 2 Live Blog- and here's what I think is going down right now on the show.

The Donald clearly appears now to be getting serious about choosing an Apprentice. Stacy was total deadwood and she got the boot last week, even though she tried to pin the entire blame on Wes. My guess is that the deadwood are now in trouble. I think that Andy, as demonstrated by last week's boardroom, is in deep trouble now and it's a matter of time before he's booted out. Losing the phone made him look like a total idiot. As for the women, Jennifer M. is safe from the boot because of the exemption she got as the winning project manager. So that leaves Sandy and Andy as people who have yet to be project managers- and Sandy is in really deep trouble. Last week the Donald accused her and Kelly of inflating the number of customers they got- "I hate people who do that!" As for the other women, Elizabeth and Ivana seem particularly vulnerable because their emotions have been getting the better of them- but then again, they were stuck on a team of idiots.

Right now it sure looks as if Jennifer M. and Kelly are in the best shape of anyone right now- Kelly because of a record of winning, Jennifer because she was a winning project manager and will be back for sure next week. Raj seems to be in the mix, too, and Chris and Kevin seem to be doing well. But everyone else is in trouble. And Andy and Sandy are in deep trouble. And one big mistake can sink any one of them.

Task is to create the best advertising campaign.

I think it is death to the project manager who loses this week. APEX has Elizabeth as project manager; MOSAIC has Andy. It's do or die for BOTH of them. Andy has a lot to prove and is rubbing Maria the wrong way. It's clear that if Andy loses he's sunk but if he wins he's a HERO. At APEX Raj is ticked off because they wanted to go with a military theme a la "Be All You Can Be" kind of thing, and Elizabeth doesn't want it. Elizabeth already is DYING with her group at new APEX. Finally Elizabeth gives in to the military thing and looks WEAK in doing so. Man I think she's in so much trouble.

I feel bad for Elizabeth. She's in with a bunch of type As and she'll probably be fired over it. Kevin says "our project manager SUCKS!" Ivana is saying we should fire the project manager. A full-scale revolt is under way.

Maria is trying to push "sex appeal" in the MOSAIC ad campaign. But it looks like she's safe anyway and that her MOSAIC team is going to win, because APEX is in TURMOIL. The whole APEX team is FURIOUS with Elizabeth over her flip flops. Now she's redoing yet another thing that the team cooked up as an idea and telling them to do it all over again, and there's only five hours before the big presentation. They're in a complete panic and they're all afraid of being fired, and they're even threatening to gang up on Elizabeth and fire HER to take over the task.

Now even Carolyn has weighed in on Elizabeth and is trashing her leadership skills. If APEX loses she is FINISHED.

The APEX ad campaign was OK. I really liked MOSAIC's approach, too- "when was the last time?" Easy win for MOSAIC. Andy and Maria and everyone there is safe. What seems to have happened is that the reason why APEX lost is because their campaign would have scared the audience because of the terrorism theme- "you can't freak out millions of New Yorkers!" So this was a case where Elizabeth was right but wasn't able to convince the team that it was out to lunch. I think Elizabeth hasn't got a chance- this is twice that she's led her team into the toilet. And amazingly Andy is still on track to be an Apprentice even though he embarrassed himself last week.


Elizabeth is in deep trouble and it looks like Raj, Mr. Pro-Military-Theme Ad Campaign, is going to be hauled into the boardroom by Elizabeth to face the firing squad over an idea that clearly Donny Deutsch and crew HATED. "This is going to freak out New Yorkers!" Well, if Raj gets the gate he will be getting HOSED. At least he had an IDEA!

Holy Cow! Elizabeth chose Raj and Chris to come back for the final battle but Trump turns around and says it won't be necessary and fires Elizabeth right away, without even bringing these two guys back in for the final 3-people-before-Trump session ! Elizabeth got KILLED in the boardroom and Raj was defended by people for at least having an idea. Wow, Elizabeth blows herself up on The Apprentice. Another career in business down the tubes for another contestant. What a way to go.

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