Sunday, October 17, 2004


Boy did I ever miss THIS news earlier this week. Graham Richardson, the intrepid political reporter for Global TV and host of Focus Ontario has left for CFTO. I didn't see that one coming. (This according to the Daily Planet.)

Richardson could be counted on to appear at every political event imaginable in the city of Toronto. Hopefully he'll still get to cover politics at the new place and won't be consigned to the same crime stories everyone else has to cover. The joke about CFTO is that you don't want to see their live truck in your neighbourhood because it's a sure sign that something terrible has happened.

In another move, The Daily Planet reports that Beatrice Politi has left CBC after almost five years there and will head to Citytv Toronto.

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Nancy said...

I watched CFTO News for the first time in months tonight, and was completely surprised to see Graham Richardson there. He's just about the best political reporter around. It's definitely Global's loss and CFTO's gain. He'll raise the quality of reporting around there by a good few notches.