Wednesday, October 13, 2004


While all the hockey fans with no lives mourned the lack of NHL action on the tube, I was downtown at a political function tonight and that was where I tuned into the Bush-Kerry debate. Here's CNN's coverage of the big event at Arizona State University.

From the looks of it Bush looked like he was more energetic than in the first debate. And Kerry is all negativity. He always bashes Bush and calls him a great divider. Why won't people call him to account for a negative campaign? Anyway I didn't see all the debate. I was too busy mingling with people and eating food and stuff.

After the debate the CNN commentators didn't seem too impressed with the level of the debate. You know, these political commentators over at CNN, Wolf Blitzer, Jeff Greenfield, Carlos Watson and the rest of them, they treated these debates as if they were NFL football games, with a pre-game show and a post-game analysis. Pretty good substitute for hockey in my judgment.

I haven't been blogging much about the presidential election lately because I've been a little burned out on politics. I have had too busy a year in politics and really needed a break from it all. Now I'm ready to devote more time to the American race so expect more coverage of that in the CAIRNS BLOG between now and election day. I definitely intend to do something on election night.

One thing I did do last weekend that I didn't tell you about was that I got up in the middle of the night to watch election coverage from Australia on the Internet. So I got to see the Aussies re-elect John Howard and vindicate his country's stand in the war on terrorism. Way to go, Australia. And also, way to go Afghanistan, too. I know everyone reported on the problems they had in holding an election but still, they had an election people! That should be cause for celebration.

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