Thursday, October 21, 2004


I'm up late tonight, and since I have nothing better to do I've decided to add to the blog and tell you about a few changes and additions.

First, I'm pleased to announce that I've taken down the Google ads, mainly because I was making no money from the ads, and it didn't look like I'd ever make money from the ads. So the ads are gone. Good riddance.

The second announcement is that I noticed that Andrew Coyne's website is back up and running with new stuff, so I'm very pleased to return Andrew Coyne to the blogroll. Again. And I hope someone gives Colby Cosh a job- not nice to be fired from the National Post.

As you can tell, this blog's slowly but surely morphing into, well, something pretty apolitical. That in itself is a political statement from me, folks. I've decided I'm completely burned out from politics and politicking and I can't bring myself to go on and on about pit bull terrier bans, or Stephen Harper's musings about balkanizing the country (I don't agree with giving the provinces so much of these powers, by the way- allowing Quebec to call itself an autonomous state is absolutely the wrong direction for the Conservative Party to go on policy. Preston Manning must be rolling in his grave- oops, I forgot, he's still alive.) I'm just not in the mood to rant and rave about bringing back the Red Ensign and all that. Let other guys do it. Apparently there was a big controversy about Warren Kinsella suing bloggers or something like that. But I just don't care any more.

I read a bunch of frothing-at-the-mouth conservatives on one of these blogs trashing the Ontario Liberals for outlawing pit bull terriers- which is odd because I think getting rid of pit bulls is a good idea, so long as that's the only breed you get rid of. These pit bulls are truly dangerous. I don't want to walk down the street and get attacked by some crazy pit bull. Regular dogs are bad enough! Beyond that, though, I still think that Dalton McGillicuddy's government is a DISASTER. They're wasting their energy dreaming up new laws and regulations when they should just quit while they're behind. Now, they're outlawing junk food in schools and I'm thinking, boy, am I glad I'm not a student in school anymore, I'd have no rights at all. What is Ontario coming to? Talk about a nanny state.

So that's why you're seeing a lot of stuff on this blog about the Apprentice, about the NHL lockout and baseball playoffs, and about the entertainment business in general- because I'm fed up writing about politics. So that's why I have more stuff about current events such as the Red Sox winning, or late night talk show hosts quitting in five years, or the latest hurricanes blowing away Florida. And don't worry--- I'll get around to giving my thoughts on the Greatest Canadian. I just haven't gotten around to it yet. But really- Don Cherry?

I've added a lot more links to interesting TV personalities like intrepid Fox News reporter Greg Kelly, former Billy Joel girlfriend Trish Bergin, and ex-Headline News anchorwoman Lynne Russell. I also added the site for Jon Kelley of Extra and for New York sports reporter Tina Cervasio. Amazing how many of these broadcasters have websites. There were a couple of Howard Stern fansites that I have put up, and I also finally got around to putting up a link to the Daily Show- since Jon Stewart is so hot at the moment and everyone is talking about his show.

Woo hoo hoo- I just got an idea. I should put up the link to SINCLAIR's site under Broadcast News Sources! That would be funny.

There are also quite a few fan sites out there for CNN which gives you all the gossip about that network. And I have up Aaron Barnhart's TV critic site and also LostRemote which has plenty of hurricane coverage whenever a storm is about to hit. I still have up a lot of sports sites including the OSHL and the WHA, and I think I'll have to add the site for the AHL soon. Man, hockey is DYING right now as a sport. Nobody in the United States cares about hockey at all right now. These doofuses have to get back to the bargaining table.

Even though I'm burned out on politics, look for American election coverage in the next few days. I'll have a lot of blogging about that, and I'll keep on looking for web sites covering the American election.

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