Sunday, October 31, 2004


Today both Kerry and Bush make appearances in Ohio and Florida. Tracking polls indicate Bush may have a slight edge in Florida, while Ohio is absolutely tied.

Nationally ABC News/Washington Post has the race Bush 48, Kerry 48. Zogby has it Bush 48, Kerry 48. Fox News has it Bush 46, Kerry 46. Something like eleven or twelve states are too close to call.

I hope the TV networks are ready for a long election night and they'd better get it right or they'll never hear the end of it. I'll add a post about election night plans, soon.

In other news, Mark Martin currently leads Dale Earnhardt Jr. in the NASCAR Nextel Cup race in Atlanta. Hey, don't discount the NASCAR Dads- all those Bush supporters.

Don't expect too much political blogging today, it's NASCAR day for me. I'm a huge auto racing fan and in this year of politicking I've been spending way too much time disregarding the sport. So I'm catching up today. By the way, I am glad the Molson Indy is coming back to Toronto next year and going to Edmonton for the first time. It'll be great for Edmonton to be able to see Paul Tracy (!), but it's terrible for Vancouver not to have a race, and this Champ Car series remains down in the dumps with a lack of talent. I remain on record as saying the Champ Car World Series still needs to merge with the IRL and get all the top drivers under one roof, because the glamour is gone.

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