Wednesday, October 06, 2004


That's right, Howard Stern, the King of All Media has dumped his gig on regular radio and is heading to Sirius Satellite Radio. The switch takes place in 15 months.

No doubt this move was prompted by the FCC fines that drove Stern off of several Clear Channel stations- and with the threat of further harassment to come from the feds, Stern has decided he's had enough of the censorship and he's getting out right now. He won't have to worry about the FCC now that he's on satellite radio; the FCC doesn't reach that far. Now Stern will be able to say whatever he wants- every swear word imaginable.

Seems that the new rule is: if you're any good you end up on satellite. Stern joins other refugees from regular radio on the dish, including people like Opie and Anthony (fired for some stunt they pulled) and Bob Edwards (fired from NPR). Fired from your well-paying radio gig? Get a job on satellite!

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