Friday, October 29, 2004


What really drives me nuts are these ridiculous Canadian laws on the books preventing law-abiding Canadians from watching American TV channels like ESPN and Fox News Channel. What drives me insane is that law that threatened to put these grey-market dish owners in jail for a year for subscribing under the table to DirectTV in the US. That's the only way they can watch ESPN and HBO, which are banned from regular cable here because our government wants us to watch good Canadians like Rick Mercer and Ben Mulroney. The feds were obviously worried that engaging in evil criminal activity like watching American TV shows will expose Canadians to evil American ideas and turn us all into raving right-wing lunatics (not to mention baseball fans).

It is a terrible law that just reeked of something that might go down in the Soviet Union or some police state somewhere, and now a Quebec court has ruled that it violates the Charter of Rights and has been struck down.

Way to go. There's hope for Canada yet.

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