Thursday, October 14, 2004


I don't know how much longer I will do these live blogs of The Apprentice 2- there's only so much of this stupid show that I can stand.

The Donald's firing sessions have become increasingly bizarre and the decisions entirely questionable. Here's a link to an article on MSNBC on what happened to Pamela last week and it basically sums it all up. Pamela got hosed. Think about it. Pamela was part of a cohesive, winning MOSAIC team. Instead, she's sent over by the Donald to the worst group of idiots ever assembled, the backstabbing, catfighting APEX team. And after successfully bringing that group of losers together and leading them to their best performance in weeks- while showing calm, albeit tough, leadership- what happens? Carolyn goes after her in the boardroom for setting the price that cost her team the victory, and the Donald fires her--- over a difference of $10! You know, this just wasn't fair. Pamela may have been a bit of a jerk, but she did what she was asked to do and showed a lot of poise while being thrown in with the wolves. I would have kept her on and gotten rid of Stacy, who has proven herself to be a backstabber and out of her league.

You know what I think did Pamela in? Her choice of people to take into the boardroom. It's clear to me after watching the expanded boardroom show that the Donald and Carolyn really have it in for Sandy. They were ready to fire her for blowing the decor in that restaurant a couple of weeks ago, and Carolyn claimed that the folks at QVC hated Sandy as well. If Pamela had served up Sandy, Pamela might have escaped with her head and Sandy would have been toast.

Who will be fired this week? Depends on who gets blame. That's what is so frustrating about this show- you can work hard and do a good job and still get fired because you're stuck with a bunch of backstabbing losers. It's clear to me that Trump and the gang are trolling around looking for people to ream out and blame for a defeat, and humiliate them on national television. The only way to get ahead in this environment is to simply do your job and shut up. That's the only way you can avoid getting sent overboard. That's why I think Jennifer M. will be the last female standing- she's doing her job and shutting her trap, while everyone else is working like mad, taking leadership roles, and blowing themselves to smithereens.

Sandy, I think, was probably held in high regard by her teammates, but the Trump people have made it clear now to the entire team that they hate Sandy and want to fire her, so I think Sandy will be served up for the slaughter soon. The only way Sandy can survive is if she's named project manager and WINS. If that happens she'll stand a chance of rescuing herself. Everyone else could hit the bricks at any time and if the women lose again the boardroom will be a barrel of laughs.

As for the men, well, they're due for a loss, and if they lose this week it will be a shame, because this whole team has shown a lot. I also feel for this week's MOSAIC project manager: his neck is squarely on the line. Not a single male project manager has lost on Apprentice 2, and you can bet the first male project manager to lose will get ripped to shreds by the Donald and will almost certainly be fired. Whose turn is it? It will be either John, Andy or Wes as project manager this week; they are also, so far, the weakest players on the team (particularly Wes and Andy. John could probably survive if he pins the blame on someone else ) and seem almost certain to be part of the final Gang of Three facing the firing squad if MOSAIC loses. If they lose, any of them could take the blame and be fired. I don't think they'll shake the teams up this week- but next week, I wouldn't be surprised. Who do I think is winning and losing in these sweepstakes? It's not written in stone, but...

WINNING: Kelly, Kevin, Raj, Chris, and Jennifer M.
DEFINITELY LOSING: Andy, Wes, and all the rest of the women.
NOT SURE: John- needs a win as project manager, but one mistake could finish him off quickly.

I'm still waiting for one of these chumps to do the "you can't fire me, I quit!" routine. Hey, it happened on Survivor once!

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