Thursday, October 21, 2004


I'm waiting tonight for the latest Apprentice 2 and I can tell you this show is turning into a broken record. Here's what I'm getting out of the show so far: in order to get ahead, you've got to do just enough work not to get noticed and be on the winning team. That's why so many of these people are still alive in this stupid game. Look at Andy. He's done basically nothing, hasn't been entrusted with any major responsibilities because the teammates know he's an anchor, but he's still here because Trump and crew are trolling around looking to pin the blame on the donkey. So a lot of people who were out there putting their necks on the line- Bradford, Pamela, Jen C., John last week- they've all been blowing themselves up. But Andy's done nothing, Wes not only has done nothing but he set the price that helped his team lose, Jennifer M. has basically done nothing, Stacy has done basically nothing, Ivana's done basically nothing, and the rest of the women have either had nervous breakdowns like Elizabeth or are safe from the axe like Maria. Maria is absolutely safe this week, even though she's been a miserable backstabbing mediocrity in my view- she's been hauled into the boardroom twice and almost fired, but now suddenly because her team won the challenge last week, she's safe! I dunno. Right now it's a blame game. The Donald seems to be enjoying firing people a little too much. But this seems to be a case of people trying to avoid responsibility for any mistake right now. Even a record as a winning project manager is no longer an asset: Kevin was a winning project manager before last week, yet he was almost fired.

Here's the way I see it: if you're the project manager or if you have responsibility for setting the price, your head is on the line bigtime. If not, you're probably safe. So as far as project managers are concerned it's either Andy or Wes as the male project manager and either Jen M or Stacy or Sandy for the women. On the men's team. Raj, Kelly and Chris are more likely to be hit with the responsibility for setting the price after last week's debacle and as for the women, who knows? Oddly enough Elizabeth looks like she's in better shape in such a scenario: she may not get stuck setting the price because she's been frozen right out. In other news the women still all hate each other, while both Kelly and Raj hate each other as well. Raj's stock, which had been rising, is beginning to fall fast, which is too bad because he's really working hard and doing a good job. I think he could really get hosed.

I also think a shakeup of teams is coming sooner rather than later- maybe tonight. Back later.

NEW MOSAIC- Wes is project manager, Kelly, Andy, Sandy, Maria, Stacy.
NEW APEX- Jen M is project manager, Elizabeth, Ivana, Raj, Chris, and Kevin.
Stacy is already hated at Mosaic. Wes says she won't shut up. Raj finds Jen M. dangerous.

Project is WASHING DOGS! Good grief what an idiotic task.


Reason why Andy is still here: he's bringing ideas to the table- unlike rest of team. Pricing issue haunting the Mosaic team right now and Wes set the price so Wes has his neck on the line. Wes is vetoing Stacy's arguments to spend money like crazy and his neck's on the line for THAT, too. If Wes gets fired over THIS, my God, what will Trump be thinking. I think Wes is doing a GREAT job today. APEX, however, is DYING. They're giving dog massages. They're clipping toenails. They seem like they are getting NOWHERE. Talk about degrading.

I think Wes and Stacy have their necks on the line here, bigtime. Everyone is starting to hate Stacy. I think maybe Stacy is going to have the whole team against her in the boardroom.

Jennifer, Raj and the rest of new APEX tripled the profits over new MOSAIC. Boardroom battle to come between Wes and Stacy and if Wes gets fired it will NOT be a fair result, because Stacy was an ANCHOR.


This team is getting slaughtered. This whole team is cratering big, and ANDY is getting RIDICULED for his ideas and for LOSING the PHONE in the CHALLENGE. Stacy now is saying fire ANDY, after trashing WES' performance all show! Wes is bringing in two.

Andy and Stacy are chosen by Wes for the final battle. These three are all fighting for their lives. My take- this team let the leader down. The team is to blame. If either one of Stacy or Andy gets the gate, it's fine by me. But Andy did more here on this task than Stacy did, so he would kind of be getting hosed, but he's also dodged the bullet twice. This is humiliation- someone will be fired because they couldn't get people to pony up for dog manicures. How humiliating does it get.

Stacy is now starting to get killed- "what do you bring to the table!?" She is starting to go down the drain fast. This whole board is crucifying Stacy for not selling her ideas. Now her last volley is "I would love to be project manager"- but she ain't gonna get that chance.

STACY'S FIRED. Good riddance.

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