Monday, September 13, 2004


... is the Health Care Summit with the PM and the Premiers!

Other countries worry about global terrorism, trade issues, and human rights abuses. We worry about --- wait for it ---- health care!!!

Man, just end the wait times already and be done with it! I'm tired of these endless premiers conferences!

I am so burned out from politics and from the Hot Air Machine that is Paul Martin's government that I can only muster the energy to link you up to this story about this waste of time. This is the biggest story in Canadian politics and every TV channel in the country is covering it as if it was the Constitutional Talks! But I just can't muster the energy. I just don't care about Canadian politics any more. That's why this is probably the last post on this blog about this overhyped event.

We know the outcome already. If they all come up with some kind of deal, Martin will claim it's a huge breakthrough and look like a big hero, even though it solves nothing. If they don't get a deal, they'll blame the premiers for it, particularly Ralph Klein, who already is convinced this is a farce.

And as for me I can't WAIT for Saturday and the Ontario PC leadership convention so we can elect John Tory and get it all over with. I'm more interested in the World Cup of Hockey than I am with all these jokers in politics. I'm even more interested in the Original Stars Hockey League(!), who plan to get their season under way this very week, in Barrie. I am fed up and burned out from politics and will be GLAD to get on with my life after this weekend, win or lose.


In other news, Hurricane Ivan has levelled Grenada, did damage to Jamaica, and now the eye is just off the tip of Cuba and levelling that country as well. What a mess, too. What's the deal with all these hurricanes? Global warming?!

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