Thursday, September 16, 2004


I'm going to go slowly through what happened in that boardroom. So here's what happened: that cocky son-of-a-gun Bradford goes in, feeling good about having immunity, everyone's ragging him for having immunity, he tells the Donald he feels he performed as well as anyone on the challenge, and to prove it he has the bravado to say "I'll give up my immunity!"- as if to say "I want to be judged like the rest of this team! Judge me on my performance." Yes, it was a risk. But it was a calculated risk: to me, Bradford was making a statement, showing a lot of confidence in his abilities and how he contributed and the ideas he brought to the table in the challenge. It was as if he was saying: judge me for what I did to contribute to this team. Don't judge me based on my immunity. Judge me on my record.

It was a risk, alright, and yes it was idiotic. I knew the moment Bradford threw immunity away that he made the wrong move. It was an open invitation to get fired, and I knew Trump couldn't resist. I'll have to see the tape to see what happened again, whether he was goaded or asked by the Donald if he wanted to give up immunity or what the case was. I'll bet Bradford thought he was showing Donald a lot of guts, a lot of confidence- instead, Donald ragged him about what a stupid impulsive decision it was to give up immunity, the kind of risk that could sink a company. Funny, because these firings seem to happen in a pretty impulsive manner.

Ivana, who probably SHOULD have been fired for her lousy leadership, couldn't even decide whether to bring Bradford into the boardroom with her for the chopping block. But she took the bait, said OK, I'll bring one more in, and brought Bradford in. And then to the shock and horror of all of them Bradford gets fired. Ivana's reaction at the end of the boardroom said it all: she looked like she was thinking: "Oh my G, I just got Bradford fired! My team is SCREWED!" Way to go, Ivana. Trump just screwed your team and screwed you. Now everyone's going to blame you for getting Bradford fired. The women's team is down the tubes. The whole team told Trump to fire Stacie, and Ivana ran a train wreck; instead, Trump disregarded all of them and cans Bradford, who almost saved them the game. Now, all the women will probably be fired, starting with Ivana. She is so dead. Trump might even use what happened to Bradford as a reason to fire her next time- to question her decision making. She's FINISHED!

As for the Donald: well, congratulations Trump! This is why your casinos are in bankruptcy court. You just fired a gutsy, talented leader and risk-taker who brought some good ideas to the table and really put himself on the line. But all you can do is criticize and run your firing meetings in a very impulsive manner. SHAME!

It's like what happened to that woman last year on the show who said: "I said one thing in the boardroom and got fired for it!" It's clear now that NO ONE is safe in this game, and that it's all luck. The only way to get ahead is to avoid being fired. You lose, you could get fired for any reason- even if you do a good job. Morale on both teams is going to go into the toilet. Anyway, let that be a lesson. If you get immunity, do not ever give it up or you will be fired for sure!

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