Thursday, September 16, 2004


EVERYONE IS STILL IN AN UPROAR over the lockout. These politicians can do a deal on health care, yet these egomaniacs in the hockey world can't even start the season on time. Welcome to Armageddon, folks.

It is the top story in all sports media in Canada and the main topic of conversation on the Fan 590, where listeners seem to clearly be siding with the owners. Many noted Gary Bettman's cool demeanor at his press conference the other day, a sure sign that he knows he has the players over a barrel. He knows the fans are clearly with him and against the players, because, well, these player salaries are killing the Flames and the Oilers etcetra etcetra.

640 Toronto has a "no hockey!" show with Dennis Beyak, have lockout updates all day and have promised to break in with the latest breaking news on the lockout. I'm sure they're fully staffed to cover all the developments. Right now you need a staff of zero- because there ARE no developments!

In other news the Original Stars Hockey League has a game tomorrow in Barrie and the prices are ridiculous. The price range listed on the OSHL web site is 35 to 60 dollars! That's worse than I thought, I heard it was $25. These guys will probably have to bring the price down. Then again, I went to a Leafs game this year and the ticket cost $55 for one of the cheap upper-deck seats. So maybe it's a good deal after all; it's certainly better than the ripoff prices at Air Canada Centre. The gimmick is that these teams are supposed to represent the original six NHL cities--- so you can still see the Leafs, right?! Maybe that's why they think they can get away with these ticket prices.

Someone tell these fans you can watch a junior OHL game for cheaper prices than what the OSHL is offering. Everyone's having a heart attack over this lockout business and forgetting that there are other hockey leagues and even other sports. Maybe someone can remind the fans it's still FOOTBALL and BASEBALL season and you can still go to those games? Ahem, there's also a FILM FESTIVAL on in Toronto and you can go and see a movie? Some people need a life.

(I have also heard that the St. John's Maple Leafs AHL affiliate team, which will be moving to Toronto next year, plans to play some games in Toronto for the Toronto fans during the lockout. That'll be another option for the diehards who can't live without hockey.)

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