Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Well I was so absorbed by the final week of the leadership race- and by the Apprentice 2- that I sort of shut out the rest of the world in the process. So here I am catching up.


You know, all the bloggers out there in the blogging community are getting all the credit for exposing the doubtful authenticity of that document Dan Rather was waving around as his source for his 60 Minutes Wednesday hatchet-job story on George W. Bush's National Guard service.

Frankly, CBS News should be ashamed.

And it's really sad when the bloggers, all of whom are very open about having an axe to grind, can be more trustworthy than your evening newscasts. So much for all the crap you learned in journalism school about how you had to be objective in order to be believed.

And so much for the objectivity of these network news divisions. That Dan Rather story on Bush was a hose job, predicated on dicey information. If they were so big on the truth, then they should not have run this story at all. They should have shelved it. I'm very familiar with how these news divisions work because I was at a TV news network for a brief period of time and I can tell you: someone, somewhere in authority at CBS had the power to say no to this story. If this story had any holes in it, someone had the power to kill the story. And at CBS News, one man who had the ultimate power to say no to this story was the Managing Editor of the CBS Evening News, Dan Rather.

CBS is launching its own investigation and it looks like they feel they were duped. I have no doubt: CBS News was had. There are reports out there that the Kerry campaign was behind this document, but the Kerry camp is denying it bigtime. I'm not convinced the Kerry campaign is behind this. I do think these documents came from people who had an agenda and wanted Bush to be smeared and defeated. CBS News was DUPED by some axe-grinding political people who wanted to use the media to advance their own ends.

What gets me is that CBS News should have been wise to this. They've covered politics for years. The people who report the news at CBS aren't stupid. They know all about how it works in Washington, D.C. They should know that there are no depths to which these political people won't sink. They should know that the political scene is filled with people who think nothing of playing the media for fools. The scene is filled with hacks and interest-group type apologists who would think nothing about manipulating the press and coming up with phony documents just to make a candidate look bad on TV. CBS should have known all about this. But they didn't bother to filter out any of this stuff before going to air.

If CBS News really were such an objective group of people, they wouldn't have run with this story. They should not have been quick to go after President Bush. Where's the sense of responsibility on the part of CBS News? Inaccurate, deceptive reporting could TIP THE ELECTION! A sense of responsibility wasn't there. I don't know whether this mess is due to cutbacks or what. But boy were these people ever quick to do a hatchet job on Bush. And boy do they ever have egg on their faces today. Even ABC News and NBC News are running stories about Rathergate.

Boy, is NBC's Tom Brokaw ever getting out of the evening news at the right time. The credibility of all evening newscasts is down the tubes as of today. At least Brokaw will leave with his dignity intact... unlike Dan Rather.

Someone over there is soooooo fired, folks.


I was so zonked out from politics that I missed the Emmys. Rats! Anyway I'm glad the Sopranos won, even though I've never really watched that show. Everyone tells me I should watch it.

Arrested Development won the comedy series Emmy. And I'm glad Sex and the City got some Emmys for its star actresses. I must admit, I liked that show. Yes, I know that show's for girls, but I found those four babes highly interesting (girlfriend material) and you could always count on seeing Kim Cattrall naked. That's why it was a good show.

In the reality category they gave an Emmy to The Amazing Race, in my opinion the best reality show out there- way better than Survivor. And they gave The Daily Show with Jon Stewart another Emmy for best comedy/variety show... much to the chagrin of Dave Letterman and crew, hee hee.


Players are now heading to Europe to begin their seasons in the European Leagues. I have a couple of web sites which will give you the latest updates on Lockout Hockey: The Hockey Rodent and have news about the Czech season, with all these NHLers like Jaromir Jagr playing over there. If you're a North American hockey fan life is terrible, but if you live in the Czech Republic you're having a blast because you're seeing top-flight players. (That Czech site is in Czech, by the way, so that's why the words look like gobbledigook.)

Meanwhile the Original Stars Hockey League continues to lurch. They drew something like a few hundred people for their effort in Brampton on Monday and it's obvious this league is a joke. The games have posted scores in the neighbourhood of 14-11 and 16-13, there's absolutely no hitting, and it's clear the players aren't even putting in an effort. Word of mouth is rapidly starting to catch up with this sideshow.

There's rumors flying that the OSHL might even go out of business, but the OSHL insists they're still alive and kicking and ready for their regular season beginning October 7th. Meanwhile the WHA has some sort of announcement planned for next week- presumably to let people know their league is a go and when to expect games. Frankly, if I were a hockey fan right now, I'd consider moving to Prague. At least that league will have decent players!

The media is boohooing over the hockey lockout and it's getting attention like you wouldn't believe, as if it's a national crisis or something. Gary Bettman was on the CBC defending himself last night and it's Bob Goodenow's turn tonight. Meanwhile eTalk Daily interviewed Shania Twain and she was miserable over the hockey lockout. Hey, Shania, YOU don't have to worry: YOU can go to games in Switzerland!

Meanwhile, 640 Toronto still has their "no hockey" show with live reports of, well, nothing.

As for the rest of the sports world, well, life goes on. Sportswriters in Canada are now zeroing in on Vince Carter's crybaby trade demands, and American fans are focussed on the NFL and the baseball pennant races. I tuned into WFAN last night and they don't care at all about hockey right now. Tune in, and it's like a regular night in the sports world. Maybe the NHL should take note.


Sorry, but there will be no live blog of THE APPRENTICE 2 this week as I will be away on important family business. I guess this week you're actually going to have to watch the show!

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