Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Welcome to the live blog again after taking the week off. Last week you didn't miss much. Stacie J.'s estrangement from the rest of the team caught up with her and the Donald fired her.

I read some article where some woman was complaining that this firing was a case of wrongful dismissal- alluding to the accusations of Stacie being crazy and so on. Well, that'll make for a good court case on Judge Judy or whichever reality show Stacie appears on next. I personally feel this was a situation of an employee not fitting in at all with her uptight teammates. That's it. She wasn't a nutcase. Loopy and eccentric, yes. But I think she couldn't get along with her uptight sorority-girl co-workers.

Now, who's next? Well, the list of people set to be fired is getting longer and longer. It's clear that Donald hates Ivana and can't wait to fire her- she's buckling under the pressure and associating herself with many a screwup. It's clear Elizabeth did herself no favors leading her team to defeat last week, and Maria messed up the negotiations bigtime. To top it all off, Jennifer (the brunette Jennifer) has a big mouth and could be fired for that. If the women lose again, the project manager had better put up one of these people for the slaughter- if the project manager doesn't, SHE could be fired. Is it too early for a shakeup of teams? I think so. We'll see.

On the men's side Pamela is an anchor, Raj is eccentric, Andy is too young, and Wes is too lazy. Kevin, on the other hand, has taken risks that have paid off and has immunity this week. And Kelly led his team to a victory, so I don't think any project manager will be stupid enough to take him into the boardroom, unless he does something really stupid ( a la Bradford ). They're the only two standouts right now in my opinion. Everyone else is trying not to get noticed. They're not dumb: getting noticed looks like a sure-fire way to get yourself fired. But you have to do your job because if you don't you could be accused of doing nothing. So to get ahead in this game you need to be a complete automoton. Ain't corporate America great.

You know what, this could be the week Trump scares the H out of both teams and fires a project manager. A project manager is due for a big fall and a team is going to get screwed if that happens. If Andy, Raj or Wes lead their team to defeat they are in a HEAP of trouble. Mark my words, people.


Had some blogging problems tonight but I'm BACK.

Here's what went down- both teams had to get the best ratings for their restaurant. Raj led the men, Jennifer C. led the women. Well, these two old ladies trashed the decor in Jennifer's restaurant and the women lost. The men got a lesson about leadership from Giuliani, and Jennifer C. is going to go home. She made a big blunder taking Stacy in with her (Bill Rancic is in the boardroom this week and reamed them out over alliances) and Jennifer was reamed out. "Can't you stay quiet for one second?"

Elizabeth also had a meltdown after her bad last project and she looks like a likely target for the axe. But I think it's Jennifer. She didn't pick Sandy who was responsible for decor. She's cooked. It's over. She's getting raked for not bringing in Sandy.

"You chose not to be a leader!"
JENNIFER- YOU'RE FIRED! "This is really easy!" says Trump.

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. First project manager to be fired.

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