Thursday, September 16, 2004


Here's what I'm doing this week with the live blog. I think I'm just going to sit back and relax, and update this blog whenever I feel like it, and give my thoughts as I go. Last time I felt compelled to do play-by-play and that ruined my enjoyment of the show. This week I'll stick to colour commentary because now we know which teams are which and all that.

Anyway the show has not started YET. Predicting who will stay or get the boot is still a mug's game- all we know for sure is that Bradford, who led the women to victory, is safe. But I think that Stacie J. looks DEAD from the promos alone. She's the one already exposed as a complete wingnut and dingbat, more so than Raj, who looks out of place for different reasons. (Raj looks like he'd make a good economic adviser to a President of the United States, but seems out of place in the land of casinos and opulence. It'll catch up with him at some point, I predict. Is it Raj or Raz? I dunno. Anyway Trump is definitely not impressed with him and his bowties.)

Others on thin ice: Pamela, already seen as having a hard edge and criticized for her leadership skills after leading the men to defeat. Andy's in even deeper trouble because of his youth and relative inexperience. Another loss and he could be gone completely, even if he does a good job. I think he'll be fighting for his very survival for weeks- if he lasts any length of time.

This is a big night for reality TV here in Canada. Over on CTV is Ben Mulroney and CANADIAN IDOL, and they're going to announce the big voting results: who is the Canadian Idol. WHO CARES, I say, but it'll be interesting to see the ratings tomorrow to see who won the night. The lead-in on Global tonight is SURVIVOR: Vanuatu. But for whatever reason the start of the Apprentice has been delayed to 9:20 PM and we're seeing a promo for those Fab Five guys. Get on with the show, darnet!!!!

For our West Coast viewers, Brook was the first chump to be voted off of whatever wilderness they're in now on Survivor. I don't know about you but the novelty from Survivor has worn right off. The all-stars were OK but now we know how this game is played and it's pretty predictable. Back later- much later.

Bradford's idiot decision to join the women's team is haunting him now. The women hate his leadership skills and say the team was in chaos, and told Andy all about it. Lucky for Bradford, he can't be fired--- THIS WEEK!!!

Kelly and Ivana are the project managers. Kelly notes, quite correctly, that at this stage it's easier for a project manager to bin the blame on someone else and survive. Problem is that if everyone stands out then the Donald could make an example out of the leader.
Message of the day from Donald is "Be Organized!"- a sign that he may blame the prohject manager if a team falls into chaos. Already Ivana's team is falling into chaos. Ivana now looks like she's in trouble. And now the men's team is having a big debate over the flavor of the ice cream! Geez, why not make it vanilla and be done with it? And get to selling the darn thing!

Project is to sell the most ice cream! Wow.

Wes is in trouble- being reamed out for not contributing. Stacie J. is still in trouble with her group for talking to a temp agency about hiring people without telling anyone about it- she's increasingly looking like an Omarosa waiting to happen. Then again, that may be just what the Donald wants, a self-starter. Ivana hates Stacie J.'s guts but Ivana could well get the boot.

You know, anyone could be fired from this show. The women are in complete chaos, and the men recruited some babe off the street and Andy's getting her phone number! Pamela can't sell to save her life. Bradford on the other hand is recruiting restauranteurs to see the operation. Well, that's it the women have won, again, and Bradford looks like a hero again. Give him the job already, Trump.

And the guys are on the hook because they decided that part of their sales pitch was to say that revenues were going to CHARITY! So now KELLY could get the gate now too, because he's the one who has to decide the amount to give to charity! And the charity thing was KEVIN's idea because his brother had CANCER, so KEVIN could get blamed for the loss! So ALL these people are in danger.

Men have won, surprisingly, by a good two-hundred or so. Women are fried. Ivana is on the block- bigtime- for the chaos and lack of organization. I think she may be finished after two weeks, but maybe she can blame someone.

The conspiracy is on. Ivana is under the gun for the chaos but she had a big meeting to pin the blame on Stacie J for the wrong location that set the team back 3 hours. Stacie J. plans to fight for her job. Bradford, who can't be fired no matter what, looks like he's gonna really enjoy this boardroom catfight!!!


Oh boy, Bradford opened his big mouth and threw away his exemption in the boardroom! Wow. What guts. What an open invitation. What an idiot.

Stacie's getting killed. Well, Stacie, Bradford, Ivana and Jennifer (!) are all being brought into the boardroom one last time to face the knife. I find it hard to believe Jennifer will go, but any of the other three could get the knife.


WHAT A SHOW!!!!! Wow.

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